How to Get Orange County Jail Info To Know About Fundamental Features

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Bail for CJX is set by the Orange County Bail Schedule. It is based on what crime(s) the CJX was arrested for.“Bail”, or the money an inmate (or someone acting on their behalf) pays the arresting agency to guarantee the court that they will appear for court proceedings after being released.

If the defendant makes all of his/her court appearances the bail will return at the end. If the defendant does attend court but fails to do so on all occasions, that bail is forfeited. Intake Release Center at Orange County Central Jail Complex is available 24 hours a day, 7 Days a Week. Due to the size of Orange County Central Jail, bailing someone out can take up to 8 hours.

Inmates of the jail in orange county Complex can make one free phone call after they enter the facility. The inmates will only be allowed to make outgoing phone calls that are collected or with a calling card. You may send an inmate money to buy a card by Section 6. How to get money “on the books”, at the Orange County Central Jail. The inmate will then be able to buy a card from the Jail’s commissary.

If you are worried about a lloved onein jail, contact your local company and ask them to verify that collecting calls and card calls have not been blocked. Inmates may not receive incoming telephone calls. You may choose to either visit the inmate or correspond via mail. In the next two sections, we will discuss these options.

The CJX allows friends and family of inmates to deposit funds into their in-house accounts. This account will include any cash that was on the inmate’s person at the moment of booking unless that money had been confiscated. This account enables inmates to shop for items at the facility’s commissary. Items include drinks, food, cosmetics, games, and other products.

If you want to “put the money on the books”, then you can do it with cash, a Government check or a Money Order. No other payment methods will be accepted. At any time, each inmate can have up to $500 on his/her account.

You may also decide to mail money to an inmate. If you wish to deposit funds via mail, either send a mmoney orderthat follows the guidelines above or mail a government cheque. You must also comply with any additional rules or regulations pertaining to mail that are described above, in Section 5. Rules and Regulations Concerning Mail Correspondence

You can deposit money by mail or in person. The funds are immediately available for the inmate to use. All the property an arrestee has is gathered and stored at Orange County Central Jail Complex. The property is normally stored until the release of the inmate. A prisoner may choose to have a friend or family member collect their property.

Fill out a Property Release Form at your next visit if you are aware that an inmate has requested you pick up their property. After a staff person has the inmate sign the release form, you can retrieve the inmate’s property. This arrangement can be made at any time.

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